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Site assistance. United States English English. IBM Support. Do you guys in France have a better idea of why she left? Catherine K N- pm Nov 14, 5 of To go along with what Jee wrote, I also found it intersting that the French woman left. But she didn't seem upset when she left, I thought she was more bored than anything else.

Well, it could also be because Jacque wasn't the good lover that French men are supposedly made out to be. It is a belief in the US that if a guy walks down the nice street or a park by himself with a toddler or a dog, he'd attract lots of females.

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Is there anything like that in France? Adeline L K - am Nov 15, 6 of There are many differences between the relationship of characters in the different versions of the movie. In the French version, Jacques' mother cannot take care of Marie because she is going on vacation. In the American version, Jack's mother will not take care of Mary because she wants to teach Jack a lesson in responsibility.

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Is this at all indicative of what would happen in reality? Lizmarie E - am Nov 15, 7 of I also found a difference in the way the 'Peter' character treated the woman in the farmacy.

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It seemed to me that in the French version both Peter and Michael seem to treat the lady with respect as if they don't want to miss any word she is saying. While in the American version, as the scene develops, Peter treats her with less respect every time. He's losing his patience and instead of hearing what she has to say, he insults her and tells her she's responsible of making him so confused.

ANd I never understood why they did want the landlord to be around or to look at the baby, specially in the France version. Can someone explain that to me? Matthew R F - am Nov 15, 8 of I agree with Catherine on the Dog issue I've never tried a baby though. In response to Jee's comment about the lady getting bored and leaving in response to the singing.

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I think this is also related to her being just another random one of Jack's girls. It was a fitting little punishment for Jack and a sign of the superficial nature of his relationships with women.

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In the American version, the female, Rebecca, is Peter's long term significant other. I think it shows the striking difference in the relationships held by the two men. In response to Lizmarie's comment about the pharmacy, I agree that there is a lack of respect in the American version, but I wonder if it is related to the difference in profession. Par ailleurs, la plupart des logiciels offrent des versions de divertissements payants ainsi que des versions non payantes.

De la poudre à canon et de son introduction en France.

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