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In the late s, surveyor O.

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Callaway recognized the valley's potential for flood irrigation from the Colorado River. He enlisted Thomas Blythe of San Francisco to finance the irrigation project. During the early s, as more people settled in the valley, farming became the major industry as the extremes of a great river and a great desert merged into a flourishing greater produce garden.

The Palo Verde Valley and its main settlement, Blythe incorporated in , grew into a thriving cohesive community loved by its year-round inhabitants as well as the "snowbirds" and river folks who come and go. The valley has over 40, acres of prime farmland and produces cotton, alfalfa, melons, lettuce, broccoli, onions, and many other fruits and vegetables.

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The Colorado River provides numerous opportunities for boating, skiing, and fishing. The Palo Verde Historical Museum and Society's board of directors compiled this unique collection of vintage photographs. The unemployment rate in the area is now around 13 percent, and most of the population is living below the poverty line. Fortunately, the marijuana industry is interested in doing business with Blythe.

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There are reportedly around 40 new businesses looking to set up shop in the community. One of those operations is a marijuana production facility that will give way to two million square acres of cannabis farming.

But nothing is set in stone — making some community members skeptical about the supposed savior called marijuana. The town has heard big talk throughout the years, but most of those opportunities fell through. But if all goes according to plan, Blythe and other California border towns could rake in huge profits from legal cannabis and breathe new life into their home.

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